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lumbar-spondylosis-665x285It has been quite a few months since I have written on the Applied Faith Blog.  I wanted to give readers an update.  I have become totally and permanently disabled.  The disability is, in part, centered in my spinal column.  It makes focusing on writing, as well as writing a bit of a challenge.  I’m hoping to get some solutions soon that will make writing the blog easier, and I do expect to start back writing.  Until then, I cannot thank those who have read my work enough.  Your feedback and questions have been a blessing and have kept me grounded in God’s Word.

In Him,



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  1. Through the pain we can do none other than that which the Lord has given us. Like Paul, though the Lord has not taken away the thorn in your side, I’m glad that you press on towards the goal, stretching out rather than rusting out. Thanks for the insights and research you put into your work!

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