This blog-site is dedicated to advancing the cause of Christ through engaging in conversation about applying our faith in the 21st Century.  I’m the blogger.  My name is David McDonnough, a minister in a broad-spectrum recovery program.  I’m also a pastoral counselor.  This is where I write about watching the hand of God healing people every day.  I’m amazed that I get a front-row seat to supernatural power working in people’s lives every day.

I believe the Bible is our guide, given to us by God, to help us navigate our time on this planet.  Applied Faith is about practically applying the Scriptures to our daily lives.  As I went through seminary, I discovered how powerful God’s Word is as we seek His hand in healing. Now working with people in recovery, I see the Bible change lives face-to-face at street level. I look forward to interacting with followers and visitors as we explore the applied Bible study that is our lives. 

How did I go from an Agnostic Liberal to an Evangelical Christian?  This link will take you to my testimony. https://appliedfaith.org/2015/06/01/how-an-agnostic-liberal-becomes-a-christian

MA - Pastoral Counseling, M.Div. Pastoral Ministries
MA – Pastoral Counseling,        M.Div. – Pastoral Ministries

I’m also an alumnus of Liberty University.  If I can help you with any questions you may have about advancing your career through the largest Christian university on the planet, please message me through this page.
If you feel led to serve in ministry, and are looking for direction and encouragement I’d also love to hear from you.  Contact me through this page and we can talk about your calling.


  1. No way, David McDonnough! I read about you awhile ago by way of an atheist blogger online, obviously their material wasn’t complementary, they rarely ever are, nonetheless, it’s really awesome to finally read and be better acquainted with your work. It’s like coming home from work to find a celebrity following me.

      • “God is still holy and what you learnt in Sunday school is still true” By Kevin DeYoung! I couldn’t dare take credit for so excellent an article as that, they’re a real champion. They’ve got a few books out too, I’ve been meaning to snap them up. I very much understand your feelings about Bell though, I’d first came across him in a foreword to the book “I sold my soul on eBay”, a really insidious piece of work. Like wrapping a poisoned pill in candy.

      • I was hoping you could repost somewhere on another functioning reply thread. The last two questions are only on your site, and I have no link in my notifications… That “dead account” thing. Can you repost to one of our functioning threads higher in the answer chain?

      • I’m not reposting it as a comment a third time. Please just go to the post itself I f you’d like to answer.

      • When I get out of PT this morning I can get to a desktop. Can’t reach the thread on iPad but maybe I can on a desktop. I’ll give it a try.

      • I made a page to address the anomalies we discovered. It’s in the menu.

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