Ministry Leader Profile: David McDonnough

My worship leader and Bible teacher friend Kelly Hayes is doing a series of profiles on ministry leaders. Kelly is the Worship Leader for Celebrate Recovery at Church at Sandhurst in Florence, SC. He also teaches Bible and Christian life courses at the Sandhurst University program. I should also mention that Kelly is a fellow Liberty University alumnus.

This article gave me the opportunity to share thoughts on ministry outside my blog or podium. Here is Kelly’s article:

Lead Like This

The following is a part of a series of “Ministry Leader Profile” posts. There is much to be gained from learning about other leaders – seeing where they come from and what has influenced them. There is great diversity in God’s kingdom, but there are also some themes that might be found in the lives of many effective leaders. Please note that LeadLikeThis does not necessarily agree with or endorse every viewpoint presented in this series. However, we do endorse the idea of partnership and learning from other faithful servants.


Name: David McDonnough

How would you describe your education? (formal and informal)

For formal education, I graduated high school at age 17, and attended undergraduate studies from 5 different institutions for 8 majors until graduating from Liberty University at age 44 with a B.S. in Biblical Studies.  Continuing at Liberty, I completed a master’s degree in counseling by age…

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