Freedom from the Bible Police

Here is a guest post I did for Isaiah 53:5 Project regarding Bible translations.

Running The Race

group-therapy-7-mixed-ages-races1I was reminded yesterday in a group counseling session how problematic selecting a Bible can be. A young woman was discussing her difficult experience in a small Southern Baptist church that imposed teaching from the King James Version (KJV) Bible as the one acceptable for the church’s congregants. Yes, in the Bible Belt of 2016 there are still pastors and elders that strictly require use of the KJV only, and are actually called “KJV Only” churches. While I love reading the King James English, I can certainly see how 400-year-old English can be a barrier to delivering the Gospel. We have many great translations that serve many legitimate purposes, and KJV Only hurts far more than it helps.

bibles_books_01 Which Bible To Buy?

Many different translations are available in your typical Bible bookstore, so I understand how there can be some confusion. My advice for believers shopping for a Bible is…

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  1. I tried commenting over on your original post, but the comment is being held for moderation. I asked about mentioning study Bibles and concordance Bibles, and whether you should recommend them. The reason for me asking was that many stores have them, and their different uses can be confusing to people.

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